The Need & How OTs Help


Even when everything is going right, a new mom needs all the support she can get to care for herself and her growing family. Up to 80% of moms experience normal "baby blues” which may last up to two weeks postpartum and includes anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and mood swings. 

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) are the #1 complication in childbirth affecting 1 in 7 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers during baby's first year. Sleep deprivation, feeling overwhelmed and anxiety about caring for a newborn may impact a parent’s ability to adjust to their new role.



OTs help translate information into action, which is not always as easy as it sounds.

We conduct holistic evaluations and create personalized interventions to address physical, emotional and psychosocial demands in daily life, including but not limited to:

  • Preparing for the transition to a new life role of caring for an infant while caring for yourself. 
  • Promoting optimal function and positioning (i.e. breastfeeding and child care activities) to prevent pain and repetitive stress injuries 
  • Sharing product recommendations based on individualized needs
  • Prioritizing daily responsibilities, postpartum recovery and realistic reintegration into your daily life
  • Helping with practical and impactful skills, including time management and asking for and accepting instrumental help
  • Discussing the impact of social support and exploring resources specific to your needs, including local resources in your neighborhood
  • Sharing relevant information on infant developmental milestones, including sleep, feeding, motor skills, sensory processing and play





How does this work?

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with no commitment. If it's a good fit, we may work together to:

  • Identify and explore and prioritize your roles in daily life and tasks.
  • Develop your Support Wishlist to help you clarify what you need.
  • Identify resources to create your virtual and real life village to translate to help that families need and want in the postpartum days.

When should I connect?

During the second or third trimester is ideal to explore options and establish a relationship and plan prior to your upcoming transition of welcoming your new addition. We love connecting with moms during the postpartum days, too!

Are we a good fit?

Let's Connect to find out.  

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